Wednesday, January 23, 2013


So a few weeks before Christmas I went to the doctor and finally got a diagnosis for a lot of the stuff I have had going on.  I have PCOS which stands for Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome.  It's kinda scary and the symptoms are frustrating, but I'm just happy to finally have a diagnosis because that means I finally  have a direction to go in on imporving it hopefully.  If you want to know more about it you can read some stuff here  Since the diagnosis, I have been trying to be on a pretty strict diet.  I was doing really well and lost almost ten pounds....then the holidays happened haha!  I still did pretty good but cheated a few times.  These last few weeks have been so crazy that It's been hard to keep up with but I have been doing my best.  It's something that I have to look at as a life style change, not a diet.  This will be something I will always live with and I have to do this in a way that I can stand and maintain, not something to just do for a few months and quit.  I have been trying tons of cool new healthy recipes (at Eric's disgust probably) and I have had several people ask me about what I have been doing, so check back here often and I'll start posting some of the tips and tricks I have found and posting about my progress!  I go to the doctor again in 2 weeks to hopefully get some more answers and a direction! 

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  1. That 1 in 10 stat is thought-provoking, along with the list of symptoms.