Saturday, January 26, 2013

The Birthday

December came and went WAY too fast for me.  We started off December with celebrating my birthday.  My Aunt took me to lunch and sent me some gorgeous flowers, I felt sooo spoiled. 


Eric then surprised me when I got home and had cleaned the house and then cooked me a fabulous dinner.  It was soo good, I don't get why this dude doesn't cook more often ;).

After dinner we headed to a movie and had a fun relaxed evening!!

 The weekend before, Eric's phone had exploded so we needed to get him a new one.  We were so close to the end of our contract and had planned on getting new phones anyways that we went ahead and just did it.  So yes I caved and walked out with this puppy. 

We decided it would just be our birthday/Christmas gifts to each other.  It took me a little while to get use to the I-phone, but now I'm really loving it and glad that we got them.  I bought this cute cover for mine
Mint And Coral IPhone 4 IPhone 4S C.. on Luulla
Over all it was an excellent birthday and the start to a wonderful Christmas season!

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