Wednesday, January 23, 2013

November and Life Update

Hey everyone, well I took a break from the blogging world to get through the holidays, but I'M BACK!  I have high hopes to be a better blogger this year......lets see if that comes to pass.....probably not but isn't that what new years resolutions are for?  Isn't it called workout January just to get back to fat February?  

November was a crazy month for us and went by so fast it didn't even feel like it happened!  This Christmas we called it our "DIY Christmas" which means I made most the gifts we gave to people.  This meant that I was pretty busy during November trying to get everything done.  On both sides of the family we draw siblings for gifts, but I still like to give everyone something since I LOVE GIVING PRESENTS!!!!! So this year we had Mel and Stephen and the boys for my side, and Steven, LaNelle and Kinsley on Eric's side.  It was so fun coming up with stuff for everyone!  It was stressful getting everything made, but super fun to see the finished project!  I'll do a post later on of all the projects I did and all the Chrismtas gifts I made.

In the breaks of working on Christmas gifts we made a trip to Houston to see the coopers, see my mom and celebrate Evans fist birthday.  We then had Eric's birthday and Thanksgiving which happened to fall on the same day.  It was so fun to get to go to Houston for the birthday party.  I was due for some family time and spending some time with my mom and sister was just what the doctor called for.  We got to have a nice chill weekend filled with talking, laughing, hanging out, shopping, and of course partying.  My sister planned the party around and UNO theme and it was soooo cute!

  We got Evan this Elephant toy that blows balls up with air and the boys seemed to really enjoy it!  It was so nice to see my mom again since our trip to Utah in August didn't leave a lot of quality time for me and my mom.  I was sad to leave but reality set back in and it was time to get to work.  Eric was working the night shifts at this point at Toys R Us.  It sucked not having him there at night (i pretty much didn't sleep Haha)  but it was good for the productiveness in me.  I got a lot done in those hours he was gone, so that was nice! 

So we ended up having two thanksgivings really.  Eric worked the night shift the night before his birthday, so while he was at work I set up a little trail of goodies for him to find when he got home.  I  had a bunch of little treats lined up with cute little sayings on them.  We then slept in and had a nice relaxing morning.  I made him a special birthday breakfast consisting of an egg casserole (here is the recipe = delicious) and these beauties.

                                                         Pinned Image
  these are super easy but soooo tasty.   That afternoon we had our first thanksgiving and ate lunch at Grandma Sues.  The food was tasty as always and it was kind of nice for it to be just us, Grandma Sue, and Auntie Deb.  We had a nice chill lunch and had some good conversation. Afterwords Eric watched some football (really took a nap)  and we helped Grandma Sue start to set up her Christmas Decorations.  She has done the same thing on her fire place for years and asked me to help her come up with something new this year.  My Aunt and I worked on it together and this is was we ended up with.

After that we headed over to my Aunt Terri's brothers house and had Thanksgiving dinner.  It was also delicious.  I had never seen such an abundance of food I'll tell you what!  It was fun hanging out with more family and eating some good food.  We did bounce out a little early because the one thing Eric had asked for for his birthday was to see a movie, so we left a little early and went and saw James Bond.  Over all we had an excellent Thanksgiving, and I think Eric enjoyed his birthday as well. 

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