Sunday, January 27, 2013

DIY Christmas Projects Part 1

So earlier I had explained that for Christmas I made a lot of the gift myself.  For each of the girls I sewed a bag and then filled it with a head band, a bracelet, a necklace, and some homemade bath salts.  I did the same things for each bag but did a different type for each girl, and for the bags I just asked the girls their 2 favorite colors and based the fabric for the bags off those colors. Here are the things I made for the Boulter side of the family.
The bath salts I made for each girl.

Melodee's Headband
Melodee's necklace

Melodee's Bracelet
Melodee's bag
Melinda's necklace
Melinda's Headband
Melinda's Bracelet

                                                                                                            Melinda's Bag

Lacie's headband
Lacie's Neckalce

Paisley's Headbands

Lacie's Bag

Julianna's headband

Julianna's bracelet
Julianna's Bag

Mia's Headband
Nicole's Necklace
Nicole's Headband

Nicole's Bracelet

Nicole's Bag

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