Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Guest Bedroom

****Another old one!

Ohhhh guess what I got!!!! My friend just moved back to Utah from Midland and gave me her old guest bedroom set!  J This is my happy face!  It’s my next project and I’m ecstatic to start working on it.  I’m wanting to do it all by myself and try out of few things I have been seeing on pinterest.  Here are a few ideas I’m thinking about, but I haven’t made any decisions. 

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I like the idea of this DIY padded headboard. It  has a bed frame with it already but it's really old and beat up wood.  I'm thinking I want to paint it white and then do a smaller version of this head board on the already existing frame.
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love this headboard, and love the color!
Headboard love.In Love with Love. #Bright #Red #Headboard
I think I feel more daring since it will be a guest bedroom and if I don’t love it I don’t have to look at it every day! I’m thinking I even want to sew the bedspread on my own and maybe even curtains!  Lets go all out right? Why not!  I also have these two chairs I want to change.

We brought them with us from Utah after a yard sale and I had high hopes of staining the wood and reupholstering the seats.  That’s still the plan; I just hadn’t done anything because I didn’t want to pick any fabric until I could decide what room they would go in and what to match them with.  Maybe these can be for a guest room too! These are some of the fabrics and patterns I'm loving these days.
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I’ll keep you guys posted on the progress and the final project!

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