Thursday, October 4, 2012

Utah Part One

With Eric not working at the time, he was able to head out to Utah a week early and enjoy some needed time with his family! I know he had a blast being able to see them for some extra time! L I wish I could have gone out early, but someone had to pay the bills! It was weird to spend the whole week alone here, I didn’t even have Rango to keep me company because he went on the trip with Eric. You should have seen this 25 year old man walking a kitten around on a leash! Precious I tell you! Rango actually did pretty well in the car for a cat at least! So I flew in Friday night and got to work! My friend McCally picked me up from the airport and we got straight to work on the first shower. She is the main reason I came out because she was getting married! She was such a doll to be willing to help with her OWN shower but I was so thankful! We had a fun time shopping and buying more food then we had ever seen in our life haha and then we went back to her apartment to get cooking! As most things happen, especially at the last minute, things did not go as planned. But luckily we had two awesome men supporting us that were willing to run all sorts of errands for us! They were awesome! By about 3 o’clock in the morning I thought it was time to pack up and move to a bigger kitchen where I could finish things off. We headed to Eric’s parents house and I really did plan on sleeping at some point but the time just never came. Before I knew it, it was morning and time to shower and head off to the next step of decorating! My wonderful sister let us have it at The Echo Theater which is the theater they are running! It was so cool to finally see the space and see what they had been up to! Luckily I had her and my Sister Nicole to help me out; I don’t know what I would have done without them. My wonderful mother and Eric were also the saving grace of the day! I love the amazing support system I have behind me! Over all it was a crazy morning but I thought the shower turned out beautiful! Granted with time constraints I had to let go of some of the awesome things I had planned, and I wish I could have changed a few things,  but overall it was awesome. A lot of people showed up, we had a lot of fun, and I think McCall enjoyed it and that’s what really matters. Numero Uno shower done!  I am a little sad because I had forgotten my camera so I didn't get to take all the pictures I wanted.  Luckily Nicole had her camera so she was a dear and took some pictures for me.  I wish I had a few more of some of the other stuff, but oh well, this is what you get! 
This was the favor table.  I did a green apple with a caramel cream cheese mouse on the bottom inside a little container.

The tag said "Thank whooooo for coming!"

I had all different tables set up.  I wanted it to be a really rustic and eclectic feel.  Each table was just a small side table, but they were all different.  I  then had a burlap table runner tied off with raffia and had a mason jar with flowers on each one on top of a wooded slate.  I also did a cute little saying on each table that how owl in it.  "Owl love you forever"

"Love whooo you love"
I didn't get a picture of the rest of them and can't remember them all, but some other ones said ;
"Owl always love you"
"You're the owlny one for me"
"Owl never let you go"
"Owlys and forever"

Instead of a sign in book I did serenity stones.  We had people write a message on the rocks and put it in the fish bowl for McCall to take and put in her home.  You could put uplifting quites, messages, or funny sayings.  Whatever you though would make McCall smile!

I put together a slide show of Bryce and McCall that we had playing in the background.  Forgive the Shakespearean background.  Ha ha they were doing complete works of Shakespeare at the theater at that time and we kinda just had to work around it!.
We played two games at the shower.  First I had them all do a Bridal Shower Mad lib while we all watched the slide show and mingled. It was fun to read some of them after and see who did a serious one and who made them really funny!

The second game was like a newly wed game, but instead of testing McCall to see how well she knows Bryce, we tested the people at the shower to see how well they knew Bryce and McCall.  It actually turned out really fun.  Each person got a McCall card with a princess crown on it and a Bryce card that had a mustache on it.  I would then read a question that I had asked McCall and Bryce and then read one of their answers.  They then had to guess if I had read Bryce or McCall's answer.  I think they all enjoyed this one a lot.

Pinned Image
I had planned on doing a burlap back drop like this behind all of the food tables. I had the burlap cut and ready to go and everything. Unfortunately I once again ran out of time and also didn't know how to hang them. Having never seen the venue until that morning I wasn't able to plan sufficiently so I had to let this one go. The garlands that ended up hanging above the tables were suppose to go on the front of the table but I had to substitute them for the backgrounder instead. So once again I say it didn't all turn out how I wanted it to, but for traveling there the night before and having just a few hours to get it all completed I think it was an okay job.

For the desert table I had cake pops that looked like owls, mini cupcakes with owl cake toppers I had made, and then chocolate bowls with a cream cheese mousse and berries on top.  There were suppose to be owl cookies as well......sadly due to time issues they didn't make it to the party!
This was the savory food table.  I had tortellini skewers with a pesto sauce, asian glazed meatballs, buffalo chicken wraps, cream cheese crab puffs, veggie cups, and tempura shrimp with a honey dipping sauce. Ignore the funky table cloth at the moment.  Another last minute solution! 

Then in the middle we had the drink table.  The signs at the front of the tables read "Savory Treats" "Drinks" "Sugary Sweets"
We had water and an Italian soda bar for our drinks.  We had the club soda and then you added your choice of flavor and then cream!  They were soo yummy and a big hit!

We had vanilla, blackberry and raspberry for flavors.


For their cups I dipped mason jars in sugar and had cute paper straws!
Playing Mad Libs

Her big haul!

The sign I made for outside!

McCall and her lovely sister opening presents!

She got a lot of cool stuff!  I hope she enjoyed the shower!

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