Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Utah Finale

We had so much fun with the Simons and didn’t want to leave, but needed to head to our next adventure which we were excited for as well.  My Dads side of the family was having a reunion at Fish Lake so our plan was to head there and spend Friday and Saturday there before we headed back to Texas. Well Friday we got kind of a late start and then wanted to eat lunch with my sister and brother in-law.  Well that turned into lunch plus 4 hours of talking haha and then my sister Julianna had forgotten her contacts, so we had to break into her house to get her some contacts. Then we never had gotten to see Eric’s best friend and we wanted to make sure we got to see him and his wife before we left so we stopped by their house for a quick visit.  I was sad we didn’t have much time with them!   I really wish we could have stayed and hangout with them longer, but I’m glad we got to see them at all.  Well after this we finally hit the road to head to Fish Lake.  Just 6 hours late, no big deal.  We didn’t get there till late and it was really dark and Rango was having a panic attack, but we made it!  We got to sit by the fire and chat for a little bit before everyone went to bed.  I’m glad we got a chance to see everyone again even if it was only for a short time.  We didn’t have a ton of time on Saturday but we did get to go on the boat for a bit, take a nice walk and play down by the lake and play a few games with the family. It was sad leaving, but we wanted to get on the road.  We left that afternoon and headed back to Texas.  We only made it as far as Moab that night but Eric was tired and ready to sleep.  TOO bad every stinking hotel was full.  It was crazy we finally found one little hole in the wall with one room left that we snatched up.  We had a good nights sleep and drove the rest of the way on Sunday.  Out of all the drives we made, it was probably the most peaceful and didn’t feel like it took too long.  I’m sure to Rango it felt like an eternity but he made it.  Lets just say he was happy to get home and back on the ground.

This is where Rango hung out for a bulk of the trip!

Hanging out in Matt and Nicole's tent trailer

Eric playing hide and seek with Kyle

Oh yeah and I had forgotten to show you guys the invites I made for all the parties I did, here they are.
Here is the one I made for McCall's shower
Here is the one for Stephanie's shower
And here is the one for Nicole's.  I was pretty happy with them!
Well that wraps up our trip to utah!

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