Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Ready for Fall!

So life lately… well I have a bad attitude ha ha so I probably don’t see it clearly nor describe it with fairness.  No really I think lately I have just been letting myself be depressed about things that are totally in my control.  I can sit here and list all the things I’m upset about or not happy with, but probably at least 80% are things that I can change.  So with that being the case I will not sit here and bore you with my saga, but will commit to you that I’m trying to change them.  I’m SO imperfect and will probably fail at my many attempts, but I’m determined to better my life, myself, and my attitude.  So I’m committing to take control of my life and try to fix the things that are in my power to fix.  Hopefully I can stay committed and actually get off my butt and do these things.  I’m just ready to be a little happier and a little more productive, and I know Eric is ready for that too!  Yeah life has it’s hard things but my life really isn’t that bad, I just make it bad over stupid things that don’t matter.  So in that case I’m going to try to be be a little more positive,  nicer, spiritual, healthier, love more, have more patience, be more understanding, and just all around try to improve in all the areas of my life I can.  Wish me luck, and forgive me in about a week when I start complaining again and lose my motivation ha ha.  It’s like the song goes “I get knocked down, but I get up again” ha ha oh man cheesy did I just quote that? Why yes, yes I did!   Any who in the real news of life, I’m just working.  That’s about all I ever do.  Eric took a spill yesterday and fractured his ankle. OUCH! Poor baby!  He's now hanging out in a big ol boot and loving every minute of it....not.  Sadly he also loss his job today too.  They were just too slow and didn't have enough for him to do so they let him go! Could life get better?  I protest that it CANNOT!  His classes are a piece of cake this semester which I know he is happy about at least.  So he has school going for him.  Plus he is working really hard on lots of applications for his engineering degree.  Hopefully things can look up for him in that department. Other then work I’m just trying to get organized and start working on things for Christmas so I feel on top of it this year rather then procrastinating.  I’m pretty excited though, because thanks to my amazing In-laws we get to go to California for Christmas and be with family!  AWESOME!  I hate holidays not spent with family.  Other then that life continues as normal.  I CANNOT believe we have lived in Texas for over a year now.  Where did the time go?  In most instances I still feel like we just got here, but in others I feel like I have been away for WAY too long.  I can’t believe I have already been at my job for a year. It’s really mind boggling.  But then again I’m doing that with the fact that it’s October....correction in an hour it will be November.  Man I am behind!  How am I still thinking of new years resolutions and it’s OCTOBER? Didn’t the year just start?  How can it be almost over? Man oh man I need to get my butt in gear and start running my life before it runs over me!.  On a happier note of it being October, today it FINALLY felt like fall to me.  Though I’m missing these beautiful sights and colors

At least outside feels and smells like fall, which I’m thankful for.  I wait all year for fall, for boots, jackets and scarves, for pumpkin ice cream and apple cider!  Now with how time has been going, I know it will be over WAY too fast so I’m going to make sure and enjoy it!  Perhaps I will have to do a bunch of pumpkin inspired meals this next week and do all sorts of fall crafts to get it out of my system before it’s too late!  Pumpkin carving anyone? I’m in, that’s for sure! 
Isn't this pumpkin cool?  I aspire to always make cool pumpkin's, but they always turn out awful.  Ha ha hopefully this year I can accomplish a masterpiece.

If only Midland had haunted houses like Utah did, I’m have a hankering to go to one! Ha ha not that I would be going to one, Eric's not really a fan.

On another happy note, I just got a 7 minute message at work from a lady who sounded EXACTLY like this lovely little creature!
Made work worth while that last hour and made me smile!

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