Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Utah Part Three

After Nicole's baby shower we moved right on to the next event.  Mel and Stephen left the next day for a trip to San Fransisco and the boys got to stay with Granna and Gramps for the week!  I'm so glad I got to spend some time with my adorable nephews.  Saturday was Amy's final day at EFY so we were suppose to pick her up.  After getting home so late from the shower and being exhausted, Eric was a doll and picked her up and gave me a few more minutes to snooze.  We ate a lovely breakfast prepared by my awesome papa and then headed out and spent the day with Amy.  Sunday the rest of Eric's family got home from California, and we met up with them at the blessing for our new niece.  I'm so thankful that David and Stephanie were able to work it out so we could be there.  It's hard for me to sometimes not be apart of all the family events happening in Utah, so it was so nice to be able to participate in that.  It was so good to see the rest of Eric's family! I couldn't believe it had been nearly 7 months since we had seen any of them! FAR TOO LONG if you ask me!  After the blessing we went to have family dinner at my parents house for the last time to be with my whole family together.  Talk about jumping around much? um yes! Dinner was awesome as usual but probably my favorite part was sitting outside in the backyard after.  We all just sat around on the grass and watched all this kids play.  It was seriously one of those moments of bliss where it feels like the rest of the world has stopped and this is the only moment that matters.  I know cheesy right? But I got to hang onto these moments to get me through the ones that are not as great.  Ryan and Paisley were HILARIOUS eating the sour apples off the tree.  My favorite is to see Paisley, who is a year younger, trying to feed and boss Ryan around.  It was sooo cute.  All the kids were so fun!  It's so crazy to see how different they all are.  They are different kids every time I see them.  It's so fun to be able to watch them grow up!  After that we head up to Mom and Dad Simons house for a fun night of playing games!  If was so fun to finally get to spend time with almost the whole family.  Unfortunately Steven, LaNelle and Kinsely couldn’t be there, but they were there in spirit!  The whole rest of the week we got to spend with the Simons family and it was awesome.  It was the first part of the trip that things finally slowed down.  We got to just spend every day with family doing fun things and enjoying our time with each other!  Later that week I did shower number three for Stephanie and her gorgeous new baby!  With the help of my amazing Mother in-law and sister in-laws Amy and Anna we were able to pull it off!  We did a Milkaholics theme.  It was black and pink with cow prints and we did a milk and cookies bar.  We had all sorts of different types of cookies, a make your own fruit pizza station, and thanks to Anna’s amazing idea had like 8 different flavors of milk to choose from.  She found these cool milk straws that made it so everyone could pick their own flavor!  We also did a decorating Onesies station and a hair bow making station.  Amy and I had pre-made some bows for those who are not very crafty and just wanted to glue it on and also had all the supplies for the more adventurous people.  Unfortunately with it being summer, not very many people were able to come.  But we had a lot of fun with the people who did make it, and over all had fun just being close family there so that we could talk and enjoy each other’s company.  After that in a last minute decision all the siblings got together to go see a late movie.  The movie was sooo bad that it then turned amazing and we all had so much fun together!  I got to hold the baby most of the movie too so that made it extra awesome!  It was so fun just being with all the siblings together!  I hadn't laughed that hard in awhile! 

here is part of our decoration station set up.

I had just about anything you could imagine.  Paint, buttons, jewels, ribbon, fabric and anything else crafty related.

I had mason jars as the milk cups


Annas AMAZING cookies.  Pretty sure I at twelve.....not really....but I could have!

Fruit pizza!

Some of the head bands that were made


Here is one of the onsies I made.  I ended up making like 5 but I guess I only took a picture of 1.

Adorable Amy!

Grandma with cutie!


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