Wednesday, September 26, 2012

I'm Still Alive

Sorry I have been MIA for so long, life has been a little crazy! We went to Utah a few weeks ago and have just been trying to get back to the real world. I’ll give you all a quick life update and later I’ll post pictures of all our fun adventures in Utah! So Eric and I were released from Nursery L I know sad day, but I think we will be very happy with our new callings at church. Eric got called to teach the 7 year olds in primary! YAHAHAHA! I know these sweet kids will miss him, but he is excited to get a new batch of kids

. I got called to be a Young Women’s Laurel advisor! I’m pretty stoked! I taught my first lesson a little bit ago and it went really well. We have such a small group of girls that they are all combined every week, so that’s kind of fun but also makes is so that i'll only teach 1 every few months it seems.  Also all the leaders got together  for a meeting and a lot of them are new and a lot of them are fairly close to my age. Three of them are even from Utah! Well anyways we had some good conversations and I’m really excited to see if any friendships grow from this. We already kind of talked about planning some stuff and when they realized we had lived here a year and they didn’t know us and learned of some of the stuff I was struggling with, they felt bad that we hadn’t gotten together sooner! Hopefully this is the turn and we can actually make some friends our own age here and go out! I have needed something good right now to keep me motivated to stay in Midland and make it through the next few months. Eric teaches his first lesson next week and is excited! 
Life has been really crazy because we got back from Utah to a demolished apartment (from the maintenance guys fixing the Internet), a broken down car, a broken TV (from the Internet guys), an emergency root canal for Eric yuck, and a fallen through internship. Ha Ha life is good……not….no just kidding it is! After a few weeks of recovery we are back to normal…..if you could call it normal. The house is almost back in order, Eric’s tooth is fixed, TV is fixed, truck is kind of fixed, and Eric spent a bunch of time looking for a job so we could pay for all the fun lemons life threw at us!    Luckily he finally found one at a place called 24/7  Pipe Supply.  He is lovin it there.  He likes his supervisor a lot and if he gets all his work done his boss lets him work on his homework which is awesome while he still in school full time.  I was just happy to finally be able to go grocery shopping. We had been living off of Mac n’ Cheese and Ramon Noodles and I don't think I was going to make it much longer haha. I’m really just being negative about meaningless stuff though! It’s time to make lemonade right? We really are so blessed and no matter what happened things have worked out.  At least the stuff that matter!  Lets she other then that..... well Eric is loving school.  He has just been excited to get moving forward again.  He will officially graduate in May 2013, so we are really excited about that part. I just continue at my job, trying to find the motivation to wake up and go everyday! Desk jobs just take the life right out of me! I need some variety or something to spice things up! I’m hoping to be able to find a hobby that gets me out of the house once Eric gets a job and we have a little extra money. I’m thinking about maybe taking a sewing class or scrapbooing, maybe couponing? Haha who knows, I would also love to see if maybe I could get back into horseback riding.  

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