Saturday, March 10, 2012

Valentines Day Every Day

Ya know I have never really liked Valentines Day.  Actually that's a lie, I loved it as a kid.  I loved picking out my Disney Princess Valentines, handing them out in class, and getting a Valentine from EVERYONE.  It was nice because even if some of the kids hated you they still had to give you a valentine, justice ;).  And we got to have a party in class instead of working, who wouldn't want that.  So I guess ever since elementary school it's just gone down hill from there.  Since I have been married It doesn't seem as big of a deal anymore!  We have done something special or enjoy the evening together but it's not a huge holiday for us!  I like to show our love all year round, rather then being focused just on one day, and let me tell you what Eric is one darn good cookie at that!  I have felt so spoiled as of late!  A few weeks ago I came home to this

The note says I will love you as long as these roses stay unwilted.  Well they are fake so they will never wilt :D yeah he is cheesy but I love it!  And it was so fun to come in the door and see them, with the hand made note and everything!  He even used decorative scissors for the edges bonus points ha ha ;).

Then a few days later I came home to this!   A completely spotless house, all the dishes were done, even the floors were mopped and swept, and then he had this gorgeous bouquet for me which he had picked all the flowers!  Talk about be spoiled oh yeah! 

AND THEN  ( I know it continues can you believe it)  I got these gorgeous things sent to my work last week!  What a doll he is!  He sure knows how to make it impossible for me to get mad at  him ever!

Needless to say he is amazing!  And even through ups and downs it's nice to know he loves me.  So folks get out there and show the ones you love how much you love them everyday, not just valentines day!

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