Saturday, March 10, 2012

Womens Retreat

A few weekends ago I got an the chance to go on an amazing little outing.  I went to the First United Methodist Womens Retreat.  My Aunt and My Grandma go to that church, as well as my friend Michele that I work with, and they asked me if I would want to come.  It actually started with Michele finding out I loved to decorate, and convinced me to join the team.  It was so much fun!  The theme was Daughter of a King, and we learned about women of the bible.  It was so nice to have a weekend away and get to know so many amazing ladies.  It was so fun to get even closer with my aunt and with everyone else there.  I learned so much and was truly touched by the spirit!  Everyone welcomed me with open arms and it was a marvelous experience!  I'm so glad I got to go!  Here are the pictures of the decorations I did.

Peg hand drew all of these pictures of the women of the bible!  They looked amazing!

 I got to decorate with a lady who goes to FUMC, Peg!  She is such a sweetheart and it was so nice to meet her and get to have so much fun shopping and decorating with her.  Since the theme was all about being a daughter of a king, we wanted to go with a royal theme for decorating.  Each table is suppose to have a name or something so that people can be assigned to different tables for the weekend.  We decided to do jewels as the table names.  We researched jewels and found that they all have different meanings as well.  Meanings like purity, loyalty, courage, faithfulness and friendship. We thought that was very fitting and there is what we came up with!  We did emerald, saphire, peridot, auqamarine, ruby, amethyst, and catrine.  I think it turned out pretty great, and I had a blast!

Here is my friend Michele helping with the prayer partner craft.

Here is one of the crafts we made to go along with learning about Lydia.

Here are some of  the lovely ladies who sat at my table with me!

Here is my Auntie Deb woring on one of the crafts!  Love her!

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