Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The Nu Wave

Okay so like many of you (though you would probably never admit it) I use to be an info commercial fiend!  I would love watching them all day long and wishing I could buy all this awesome stuff.  A las I was not 18 so my dreams continued to go wanting.  What do I mean I use to be, geese even now sometimes I find myself watching QVC for hours on end being amazed by all these nifty gadets wishing I had the nerve to try them.  I  have still yet to buy anything, maybe even how neat they seem I still feel so hesitant about buying things off of Tv I have never seen.  Thank heavens for the info commercial isle at Bed Bath and Beyond! FINALLY!  I get to experience what I have been missing all my life.  But the best of all is the Nu Wave oven.  My parents bought Eric and me one for Christmas and it's A-mazing!  I cooked meatloaf, creamy scalloped potatoes, and asparagus all at the same time and it was done in like 20 minutes!  It was marvelous!  So if you ever find yourself glued to that tv wondering if those info commercials actually sell anything worth while, I am here to tell you THEY DO!

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  1. I'm SO glad you love the Nu-Wave! This meal looks wonderful! Lots of love, Mom