Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Well Eric and I were a bit boring for Valentines day this year!  We didn't want to get stuck in the crowd so we went out on Monday.  Eric took me out for Sushi :) yum and then to see the Vow.  What a good husband to go through that movie just for me!  Awww I feel so loved.  On the actual V day he had school so he was gone most of the night!  I did still want to do something special so I made a special dinner.   His favorite restaurant is Texas Roadhouse, so I decided to do Texas Roadhouse at home.  I made pulled pork, and we did loaded mash potatoes and asparagus. I set up a little candle light dinner for us to has some semblance of a special day. I was going to make the homemade Texas rolls, but considering I have had bronchitis all week and had been sick as a dog I didn't get to it haha.  So all in all it wasn't the best Valentines day in some peoples eyes, but to me I ended up in the arms of the person I love the most.  I'd say that's all you need for the best Valentines Day Ever.

Share the love everybody!

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