Saturday, March 10, 2012


So this past weekend Eric and I had the chance to go visit a friend in Canyon, Tx.  Her mom and my mom have been best friends for years, so we have know eachother our entire life.  We go years without being able to see eachother, but then it's right back where we left it once we get together again.  It was such a fun weekend catching up with her!  Friday night we drove into Lubbock went out to a nice dinner, and spent the night at a hotel.  Saturday morning we drove to Canyon and met up with Kim.  We spent most the day in Amarillo which is really close, going shopping and catching up.  I think we spoiled ourselfs a little too much, but neither of us has had a girl day in a long time, and the shopping trip was well over due!  We stayed the night in canyon, went to chruch with her sunday morning, and then headed home.  I was sad to leave, but just happy I got to see her at all.  And now we live close enough that hopefully it wont be another 2 years before we see eachother.

Here she is with her cute doggie

Eric had fun too!

Oh and don't worry he was just satisfied because we found a Jimmy Johns!

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  1. I had a blast!!!!!!! Thank you again for coming up and hanging out with me!!! We need to set dates like every other month to get together!!! =] LOVE YALL!!!