Thursday, February 2, 2012

Ringing In The New Year

Well I know I missed it miserably but I'm making up for it now!  I ended up falling asleep on new years even anyways so I'm just starting the new year with the start of February.  I have big plans for this year guys, I really do!  It's going to be good!  I'm working on a really awesome really intense project!  It's top secret right now, but I'm hoping to finish it soon and then I will share it with you all! MUAHHAHAH I'm so excited to finish it.  My hope is that with this one project it will help us accomplish all our resolutions!  It encompasses all aspects of our life we are looking at improving so I'm ecstatic to get a move on with it.

On the note of resolutions, progressing, and bettering our lives here is a picture of the Manti temple that I took on our way home from Utah.  It's inspiring and uplifting to me, so maybe it can do the same for some of you!

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