Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Trial Parenthood

We got Evan home and were ready to get right into a routine.  It was so fun to have him there and we had fun doing all sorts of fun activities.  The first day he was there, it was up right away and off to daycare, so I was excited to get home and spend some time with him!  We spent the evening exploring outside of our apartment!  He loved all the kids toys out in the yard, especially the wagon.  We went for a few rides, and then took a long walk.  He LOVED all the bunnies we have around.  He calls them meow meows.  Ever since the first time he saw them, all he does when he goes out side is try to chase them down. 

This is the cutest video, but I couldn't get it to upload on blogger for some reason.  Past this link in your search engine and watch it through dropbox!


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