Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Movie Date Night

A few weeks ago I really wanted to shake up our routine.  We always try to do date nights, but we are very much in the habit of grabbing dinner and going to a movie and the end or coming home and just watching TV.  Well I wanted to do something a little different a few Fridays ago and it was so fun.  I wanted to stay in, but I still wanted it to be special and be a date night, so I planned a movie night in.  I told Eric that I would plan everything and he could wait and see. 

I told him he would be hearing from me later with a plan, so I sent him some texts to get it started. 

When he would reach the house he would see this message on the door and a top "secret" envelope welcoming him to his mission and leading him inside.  

Once inside he received instructions for the next step. 

He then followed arrows leading him to his next destination. 

The next message gave him instructions to get dressed and get ready.  I had laid out everything he needed in the other bathroom.  In the meantime I was in the bedroom finishing setting up and waiting for him to follow all the steps. 

He was then led tot he ipad for his next instructions 

After reading the ipad, if he had done all his mission correctly he would be able to enter.
I had made a fake canopy and hung it over our bed. I had got a cheap $5 movie from Walmart that we hadn't watched yet and got all of Erics favorite treats waiting for him. 

It was super silly and cheesy, but it was way fun.  It was great to do something so simple as just watch a movie, but it made it more exciting.  It was fun too to watch Eric be surprised at each thing.  I will certainly have to plan more evenings like this.

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