Tuesday, October 1, 2013

The Drive Home

Back at the end up August we were able to head to Houston for the weekend to pick up my nephew Evan.  We were so excited that he got to come stay with us for a few weeks while my sister recovered from surgery!  He was so good in the car and we were so happy to have such a wonderful baby with us!  

Getting ready to hit the road!

Baby getting all cozy! 


Evan rocking out to music!

We took a break when we stopped to get some gas!  We had been driving for a few hours, so it was time for baby to get some energy out. He was very adamant about picking up the trash and putting it in the garbage!  What a good little helper!

He had fun going round and round and round and round and round (dizzy yet)the telephone pole.

then we found a nice big field that he loved running around in. 

back in the car ready for a few more hours of driving!

The last hour or two he did get a little restless, but the I-pad satisfied that right away!  He found a horse game that he just LOVED.  That kept him entertained for a good hour! 

He was a little overwhelmed and tired when we got home, but a good bath helped and he went right down for bed.  We were so happy to be home and have an addition to the family for a little while!

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