Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Fair and Petting Zoo

One weekend we took Evan to the Permian Basin Fair.  Our friends Amber, Brent and their daughter Miki were able to come.  We grabbed some dinner before, and then headed to the fair.  We were able to go to the petting zoo and Evan LOVED it.  He was fearless, and so good with all the animals.  He loved feeding them and holding the bunnies and chicks.  

After that we were able to sit and watch a bit of the rodeo and Evan had fun dancing to the music and watching all the horses.

We headed outside really quick to let them get on a few rides before bed time!  Evan is still small enough that there has to be a parent, and all the rides were pretty steep with ticket amounts, so we were only able to ride two, but I think he had a lot of fun before bedtime! 

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