Thursday, November 1, 2012


Well Eric got me this new toy a few weeks ago as an early birthday present
needless to say I have been sewing non stop ever since.  I love it!
But considering I have been sewing non stop I have kinda let the dishes get a bit out of hand.  So you want to know what I did on Halloween?  Oh yeah, three hours of dishes. Exciting, I know. 
Felt a little like this little man. Only I didn't have any magic to swoop in and finish the dishes for me!
  I did stayed late after work and helped my friends daughter with her costume. I made the costume and did her make up.  She wanted to be a zombie so that equaled A LOT of fake blood.
Photo: Me and Kairah going trick or treating !!!!!!!!!!
And that was pretty much the only essence of Halloween I saw all night.  Pretty lame I know.  Sad too since Halloween is my favorite holiday :( oh well better luck next year right?  Luckily we had done some Halloween things earlier that week.  We carved pumpkins yahahaha here are our finished products
I did an owl
Eric did Skelvis....haha get it? Awesome I know!
I even decorated a little bit!
Yeah I know it's not at all... but its something.
I made the wreath a few weeks ago, just in time to have it up for about a week. That's about all the Halloween we got but oh well. 

So Halloween is gone and we are moving onto November. I made a fall wreath tonight out of some of the left over burlap I had from a shower. Here is the finished project

I guess not finished project actually because I might add a few more things.   I want it to actually look more like fall so we'll see what I come up with!
Happy November everyone!





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  1. I LOVE that you have a sewing machine! So jealous. Maybe after Christmas is over and you have some time and need a new project, I can hire you to sew me up some curtains!