Thursday, May 17, 2012


Wednesday we had our first port which was Montego Bay, Jamaica.  We started getting nervous for this one after talking to everyone on the boat the first couple of days.  We hadn’t booked an excursion for this port, we just planned on having a beach day, but everyone said this was a bad idea.  Apparently with where we port if you want to get anywhere worthwhile in Jamaica you have to drive up to 2 hours and apparently there is a lot of crime so everyone says to stay away from local taxis.  So at this point we felt it would be better to book an excursion through Carnival so that we could ensure that we were on a little saver transportation and in better locations.  We ended up just booking a cheap beach tour.  We got on a bus and took and 1 ½ hour drive through the island.  We had an awesome tour guide; she was super hilarious and made the experience all that more fun.  She has officially dubbed us jamaricans and taught us the necessary lingo to fit into Jamaica.  Like Irie, yeah mon, and NO PROBLEM!  She took us to the Jimmy Buffets restaurant where there is a private beach access which was nice.  The water was so gorgeous and warm it was so fun.  They served us lunch, and after a few hours we loaded back up and headed to see some cliff divers.  They were seriously amazing!  We then got to stop at a few places to shop.  We didn’t get very much, but I got a dress, and Eric got this really cool cane.  After that we headed back to the boat.  It was fun to see some of it, but over all Jamaica was just pretty dirty and full of people trying to sell you weed at every corner.  Ha ha works for some people, but it was just not up our alley.  I’m glad we got to go once, but I’m not sure we would ever go back to Jamaica.

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