Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The Big 21

Well last week was my 21st birthday!  I had a good week all week!  On Monday Eric took me to dinner at Texas Roadhouse, and then to see Puss in Boots.

 Eric then surprised me early on Tuesday with my present that he got all the siblings to help with!
Isn't it amazing?  I just love it!  It's so cool and perfect for me!  Now I just need to learn how to use all the cool features so I can utilize all of it!

  Then on Wednesday he sent me flowers at work! 

On Friday he gave me another little project he had been working on!  He got all the family to write me letters, and put it in a book for me!  It was so sweet of him, and of all my family to do that!  I love them, and it will be something I cherish and look back on for a long time!

 I got some new running sew too :)  I love them!  They are so comfortable and my favorite color!  What could be better!  Time to get back to the gym!  My lazy but has been away for too long!

So everything was going great but my actual birthday wasn't all that spectacular and I think it's because I felt like it needed to be!  I like our normal life!  I mean we are a dinner and a movie couple.  I know boring, but that's what we like.  Yeah we do a lot of other things every once in a while, but we normally just enjoy being at home with each other cuddling and watching a movie!  Call us boring, but I have gotten use to our quiet boring life.  You see there is nothing really to do here in Midland haha.  So when you are looking to get out of your normal for a special occasion and do something cool you have to be creative.  My birthday was Saturday so we started early.  We were going to go to a special lunch, but all 4 restaurants I picked were closed until dinner time.  Who knew no one eats In Midland until 5.  So we ended up just eating at our usual place Rosa's.  We then went and saw the Muppet movie, which was awesome!  Great day so far right?  Well we got home and pretty much were ready for was 6 o'clock.  Haha we are like an old married couple.  So naturally with it being my 21st birthday we said we can't just be done or stay home we need to do something special....well when you don't drink, don't have any money, don't have a ton of family or friends here....well you don't have a ton of options!  Ha ha so Eric and I drove around rocking out to some music, got a red box and came home!  WE ARE AWESOME!  So ya know what I'm okay with just having normal days from now on!  I like our life, normal, boring, whatever it may be, I like it just the way it is, and I don't need anymore of these "special occasions" coming and ruining our routine haha.  All I need is Eric by my side to have a great day!
Ha ha I mean come on!  Look at that cutie!  What more could I need to have a great birthday!

On Sunday night Grandma Sue had a special birthday dinner for me!  It was so nice of her!  She even made my dads special stuffed mushrooms for me!  Am I a lucky girl or what!  I am surrounded by so many amazing people!  God is truly blessing my life each and everyday!  I got some great presents from everyone, but I have to say one of my favorites is this from Uncle Mark and Aunt Terri!

Isn't it great?  Yup pretty blessed individual right there my friends!

Thanks everyone for making my birthday special!  I love you all!

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