Friday, November 4, 2011

Our New Rid

Well last weekend we FINALLY got a new car! YAHAHAHA!  We found an awesome deal on a chevy cobalt (one of my dream cars :) ) in Houston.  We looked outside of Midland just because everything is so expensive here.  Houston is an 8 1/2 hour drive, so instead of that we decided to fly.  We just figured in gas for the truck there and back, plus having to drive sperate cars home, and put that mileage on the truck, it would be better to fly.  It really ended up costing us about the same amount of money, but made it a really fast trip there, and allowed us to drive  home together! 

Alright folks let me tell you what, I am NEVER buying a car from that dealership.  This was our first time ever buying a car and it is not an experience I ever want to re live.  I'm so sick of telling the story so I'm not going to get into too many detail, but long story sh ort we ended up being at the dealership for almost 5 hours!  it was ridiculous.  First, there were problems with address verification, then insurance, then this, then that.  It was just crazy!  The sales guy was super rude too and kept making comments about our personal information we had given him.  Like our phone bill being way too much, or  how he can't believe we've been married this long and I haven't changed my name on everything, or how he can't believe we moved to Texas and haven't gotten new licenses yet. OKAY OKAY bucko do you want this sale or not?  Because last time I checked you're not us and you don't know our life, so sale the dang car don't analize our life choices.  I almost slapped him, haha it didn't help that we hadn't eated all day either...our bad.  Well it just makes me too frustrated to talk about all the details of what happened (if you want to know more, call me, haha it's too hard to explain on here) but eventually we did get out of there alive and with a new car!  I LOVE the car!  It's a 2008 so it's not brand new, but it's the nicest car I have ever had, and I adore it!  The other great part of the weekend was that we got to see the Coopers!  We didn't get there till late on Saturday night, but we got there, that's all, that's all that matters.  It was so nice to catch up with Mel and Stephen, and to get to see the boys!  They are just so cute!  It was so nice of the Coopers to let us stay the night with them!  So after all the adventures it was time to head home!  We left early afternoon on Sunday, and the drive home was great!  So all in all I'm happy.  It wasn't the most pleasant experience, but I'm just going to put that behind us, and focus on the fact that we have a new car, which is all that matters!  I'm a happy girl!  I'm going to be sad to give it up for 6 months so that Eric can drive to his intership, but I love Eric more so I'll make that sacrifice haha.

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