Monday, October 17, 2011

Wedding Bells Will Ring

Well folks sorry that we have been MIA for a while. Things got kind of crazy and I just kept forgetting to get on here and update you all! Well my sister Jules came to visit for a whole week and a half! It was lovely! We had so much fun hanging out all week! I had missed her so much, it was so good to be able to spend so much time with her! We had a lot of fun watching conference haha and Jules continued to work on my blanket. For those of you who don't know the story, about 4 years ago we learned how to crochet in young women's. Well I had decided I was going to make a blanket and do it during conference, that way I had something to do while watching. Well Jules like that idea so much she wanted to learn. So I taught her, and we both started making a blanket. Well about a year or 2 later mine was still at scarf stage, and Jules was still trying to finish her blanket. Well she contiuned at it and after many years haha finally finished her blanket. Well I had lost interest lol so I gave it to Jules! So now we are 4 years later and Jules is going to finish it for me! What a good big sister lol, making up in the areas that I lack!

We had a blast at our many trips to hobby lobby, we got pedicures thanks to Aunt Terri, and party planning.

Well we couldn't save all the fun just for ourselves, so Jeff came in the second weekend and joined that partay! It was so good to see him! I was the most excited though because I was able to be part of the proposal! Since living in Texas we hadn't really been able to be apart of all that stuff so it was so nice to be able to help Jeff! We ended up finding an amazing theater in Odessa, which is a replica of the Globe Theater!

Jeff got a hold of a guy there who said we could use it! Me and Eric got there early and set up a projector and screen, and then I laid out a bunch of rose petals with candles, and had sparkling cider with chocolate truffles.

We turned off all the lights and hid up in the sound booth. The guy helping pretended to give them a tour, and when he brought them on stage we turned on the lights and started playing "their song". It was so cute! Jeff did a fabulous job, oh and the ring is amazing! Well Jules and I had talked a lot about wedding stuff and I offered to do flowers for her. Since we had roses left over from the proposal, I said I would do a test run with them, and just show her what I can do! Here are the pictures! The flowers were kinda wilted, but not bad for winging it!

Well the week was fabulous and I was super sad to see them leave! Hopefully we will see them soon!

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