Sunday, July 22, 2012


Once upon a time there lived a young girl who, due to some unforeseen circumstances, had been whisked away from her loved ones and taken to a land far far away.  Though the dashing Prince Eric escorted her and loved her very much through it all, he was not able to be around to protect her always.  For his duties as the Prince called him to battles away from home.  The land had become bare and harsh due to the evil drought that had swept across it.  The curse of the dreaded plastic bag had stretched across the land and drove many townsfolk to their breaking point. The young girl found comfort in her family who called this land home and in many of the fellow towns people she associated with, but Prince Eric knew there was still something missing.  To end the girls woes Prince Eric went out searching for a companion for the fair maiden.  He searched high and low and happened upon the perfect creature to surprise her with……..okay blah blah blah this gone on long enough for you? Haha cheesy I know, but this is the result of boredom at work….it happens. Any who I know it’s been ages since I have posted and I apologize for that.  I guess I just feel like my life isn’t that interesting haha ohwell but now I have waited long enough that I have some stuff to write about and update you on.  So want to see the adorable little creature Eric got for me?  Here he is.  His name is RANGO!  And he is adorable and I love him and he is mine!  Seriously though, I didn’t think I was a cat person, but apparently I am!  I’m in love!  Believe me you would be too!

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